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About Us

Who We Work With

National Sport Organizations

Canada Trains Here

Oval High Performance collaborates closely with National Sport Organizations to prepare athletes for the international stage. Canadian National team athletes access the Oval for individual and formal group training. We are proud to be the home base of Canadian heroes including past, present, and future Olympians and Paralympians.


Supporting BC’s Provincial Athletes

OVALHP is proud to be called home by BC’s finest. Our vision and approach are aligned with national sport organizations, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network, and Own the Podium. We collaborate with our partners to provide daily training environments, programs, services, and competition facilities.

Our Lower Mainland Partners

Developing Richmond’s Hometown Sport Heroes

  • Connaught Figure Skating Club

  • Richmond Rockets

  • Greater Vancouver Canadians

  • Split Second Basketball

  • Vancouver Thunderbirds Hockey

  • Elite Goalies

  • Citius Table Tennis

  • Thunder Rowing

  • Vancouver Angels