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Sports Programs

High Performance
Sport Programs

Building the future of Canadian athletics. Enhancing performance, athlete by athlete, team by team.

High Performance Programs

Climbing Offerings

Take your ascent to the next level. Boost your lead, bouldering, and speed skills with group programs and private sessions from OVALHP.

Group Programs

High Performance Climbing Programs:

Climb faster, smarter, and stronger. Supportive, progressive programs for young athletes taught by ACMG-certified climbing coaches following the principles of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Model, in partnership with Climbing Escalade Canada.

High Performance Sport Climbing

Build strength, power, and agility. Oval Climbing Team cost included. Ages 13-18, LTAD Stage 4 and 5 (Train to Train, Train to Compete).

Competitive Youth C Climbing

Hone your skills with an individualized approach. Ages 11-12, LTAD Stage 4 (Train to Train).

High Performance Speed Climbing

Train and compete in a new Olympic Sport. 2 climbing and 2 strength sessions per week. Ages 13+, beginners welcome.

Oval Team Climbing Program

Three hour weekly All-Team practice. Competition tactics, teamwork, warm-ups, route reading, recovery, and more.

Enhance your performance. Train with OVALHP today.


Private Sessions

Private Sport Climbing Coaching:

Fine-tune specific skills and techniques with personalized, private training from an Oval Climbing Coach. Set goals, assess your current form, and improve your performance in lead, bouldering, and speed climbing. Session Duration: 60 minutes. Private sessions start at $85. Semi-private sessions start at $55/person. Goal setting, performance testing and evaluations included.