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Sports Programs

High performance
sport programs

Building the future of Canadian athletics. Enhancing performance, athlete by athlete, team by team.

High Performance Programs

Volleyball Offerings

OVALHP trains young athletes in the same daily training environment as the Women’s National Team. Develop your skills for club, provincial, national team play.

The Regional Excellence Program

Volleyball Canada’s REP prepares athletes to reach their highest potential with holistic training and support.

Atomic Volleyball (1 and 2)

Develop a passion for volleyball with great coaching and fun, progressive training. Ages 9-12. Co-ed.

Performance Development

Build on your technical and physical foundation with team play, systems and tactics. Ages 12+. Co-ed.

Weekend High Performance Program

Focus on your individual development and assessment with position-specific training in a group setting. Seasonal.


Beathen Thomas

Beathen Thomas is the lead coach at the Centre of Excellence, lead assistant coach for the UBC women’s team, and the Educational Coordinator for the National Excellence Program.


Emma Barlow

Emma Barlow has worked as an OVALHP coach since 2017. She played club and varsity volleyball with training from OVALHP and the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence.

Get court-ready, ice-ready, competition-ready with OVALHP. Contact us now.


Private sessions

Private Volleyball Coaching

Fine-tune specific skills and techniques with an Oval Coach. In a private session, you will receive individualized attention with assessment of your current play and instruction calibrated to your development. Lesson Information: Private sessions start at $95. Semi-private sessions start at $61/person. Group sessions of 3 to 4 or more participants start at $39/person. Register below to take your game to the next level.