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Virtual School

Bringing Balance To A Young Athlete’s Day

Arrange your schedule to focus on your sport and education. Register with Richmond Virtual School and OVALHP for online courses, daytime training sessions, and credits toward graduation.

The Details

Earn Course Credits While Training At OVALHP

The goal of the Oval’s High Performance Integrated School Model is to move afternoon and evening training sessions to occur during school daytime hours. Athletes complete their technical training and strength and conditioning at the Oval, and register in up to 4 online courses through the Richmond Virtual School for a total of 16 credits. With support from a Richmond School teacher, athletes will learn and complete assignments in online classroom sessions that run from 9:00 am-10:30 am, Monday-Thursday, from September to June. The rest of the day is reserved for afternoon classes at their home school, or freed up to rest, refuel, train, and study.

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Richmond Virtual School

Explore Online Course Offerings

Train hard, study hard, and earn credits toward graduation with the Integrated School Model. Full offerings available on the RVS site.

  • SUGGESTED Core Courses
    • Active Living (Physical Education) Grades 10-12
    • Strength & Conditioning Grades Grades 10-12
  • SUGGESTED Alternate Courses
    • CLC – Career Life Connections
    • CLE – Career Life Explorations
    • Capstone
    • English
    • Social Studies
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Leadership SKY Program

Balance education, sport and training

Academic Credits Are Earned Through:

  • Sport-Specific Training Sessions

  • Competition Hours

  • Integrated Support Team Services

  • Online Course Work

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