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High Performance Programs

Strength and Conditioning Offerings

Get stronger, faster, and more confident, from the bench to competition to your everyday life. Our team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches works with aspiring youth athletes and Canadian Olympians and Paralympians alike. Our Athlete Development Strength programs follow the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model to progress your skills efficiently and holistically. Teaching athletes to train smarter, better, and safer, from foundational movement patterns to refined weight room techniques.

train like canada’s heroes

Available Programs

Level 1: Introduction to High Performance

Learn the fundamentals and take charge of your athletic development. LTAD: Learn to Train, Train to Train.

Level 2: Strength & Conditioning Training

Build toward your sport performance goals with this twice-a-week program. LTAD: Train to Train, Train to Compete.

Train one-on-one

Private Training Sessions

Get your reps in with individualized attention from a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  • 01 Private
    • 1 Session $96.60
    • 10 Sessions $913.50
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  • 02 Partner
    • 1 Session $65.10
    • 10 Sessions $598.50
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Our track record speaks for itself. Get your training on track now.

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