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High Performance Programs

Strength and Conditioning Offerings

Get stronger, faster, and more confident, from the bench to competition to your everyday life. Our team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches works with aspiring youth athletes and Canadian Olympians and Paralympians alike. Our Athlete Development Strength programs follow the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model to progress your skills efficiently and holistically. Teaching athletes to train smarter, better, and safer, from foundational movement patterns to refined weight room techniques.

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Available Programs

Sprint & Lift – Multi Sport

Designed for athletes ages 14 – 18, this program provides a varied training regiment based on each athlete’s experience and abilities. Programming focuses on improving skills applicable to all sports, such as speed and power, strength and energy system development. Additional skill development in sprinting, hand-eye coordination and change of direction round out the program and empower individuals to make sound decisions about their training.

Performance Testing

Sport performance testing plays a crucial role in athletic development for individuals and teams. Whether you want to monitor progress or need to assess a strength discrepancy due to a recent injury, our coaches and equipment can provide objective measurements to inform your programming and optimize your training.

High Performance Team Training

Maximize Your Team’s Winning Potential! Our High Performance Centre is specifically designed to cater to teams of all sizes and sports. Backed by our experienced HP coaches, we will ensure that your athletes are optimally prepared to deliver their best performances when it matters the most. Utilizing industry best practices for exercise periodization and monitoring techniques, we will closely track and share your team’s progress as they push the boundaries of their performance to new heights.

Private & Semi Private Training

Our Private & Semi Private options allow for programming custom-tailored to your unique athletic needs! Private and Semi Private training increases the opportunity for development through more coach contact whether you need some specific coaching on exercise technique or a personalized program to last you through your season, these options will get you there!

Small Group Training

Form your own private group with 3-8 of your teammates or friends and experience the power of training together. Our team provides tailored training to work toward accomplishing your athletic goals. Whether you are getting your introduction to the weight room and resistance training or a seasoned athlete, our program is perfect for all levels. Plus, it’s cost-effective and flexibly designed to fit your schedule. Join us and elevate your performance to new heights.

Train one-on-one

Private Training Sessions

Get your reps in with individualized attention from a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

  • 01 Private
    • 1 Session $106
    • 10 Sessions $999
    • 20 Sessions $1,900
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  • 02 Partner
    • 1 Session $78
    • 10 Sessions $667
    • 20 Sessions $1,260
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Our track record speaks for itself. Get your training on track now.

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