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Sports Programs

High performance
sport programs

Building the future of Canadian athletics. Enhancing performance, athlete by athlete, team by team.

High Performance Programs

Speed Skating Offerings

Train on the ice where the Canadian Olympic Long Track Team won gold in 2010. For first-timers, skill-builders, and those dreaming of the international stage.

group programs

High Performance Speed Skating Programs:

World class coaching in a world class facility. Development-focused.

High Performance Program

Build aerobic capacity, elite habits, and competition skills. High-level training for advanced skaters ages 13-18.

Master’s Program

Improve efficiency and build a technical edge for smooth and powerful speed skating. For Masters skaters ages 18+.


Nicole Garrido

Nicole Garrido competed for Team Canada in long track speed skating at World Cup and World Championship events. She is the Provincial Head Coach for short track with Team BC.


Chris Poljerso

Chris Poljerson competed for Team BC at the Canada Winter Games in short track speed skating with training from OVALHP. He coaches for the Richmond Rockets and OVALHP athletes.


Max Thibault

Max’s passion for speed skating propelled him from junior athlete to Head Coach of the Short Track program, with stints in national competitions and coaching at local clubs. Now, as an assistant coach for the OVALHP program and Provincial Coach Coordinator for Speed Skating BC, Max inspires and trains the next generation, driven by his love for the sport and commitment to its growth.

Looking for dryland training to boost your on-ice performance?