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High performance sport camps

Elevate your game with OVALHP camps. Week-long or seasonal intensives featuring technical skills, dryland training, and integrated sport services.

High Performance

Strength & Conditioning Camps

Increase speed on the field, boost your vertical jump or improve your agility with our various strength and conditioning camps.

Speed Development

Shift your performance up a gear. Learn the fundamentals of acceleration and maximal velocity and master sprint mechanics. The week-long camp is designed for Learn to Train/Train to Train athletes.

Sprint & Lift

Develop correct sprint mechanics while also increasing strength and power. A week-long camp integrates field-based speed work and lifting in the High Performance Training Centre.

Sprint and Agility

Acceleration, Max Velocity and Agility. This camp develops an athlete’s ability to master the art of acceleration in multiple facets. This week-long camp is designed for the Learn to Train/Train to Train athlete.

Athlete Development

This multi-sport camp focuses on key performance indicators within sport and injury prevention with this one-week camp offered for all athletes.

Train year-round with Strength and Conditioning Programs.

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